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[keri on ty lawson: still on notice until he can figure out when he should and should not commit so

coaches who might get canned at the end of the season: tommy amaker (michigan); gary williams (maryland). discuss.

dear roy,
please to stop scheduling the tough road games in the middle of the season like this. i am quite certain that ecu would have been more than happy to come over and get whooped in exchange for a national tv broadcast.
love and kisses,

dear university of north carolina students,
OKAY, WHO GAVE MARCUS AND BRANDAN THE FLU? when i find you, i cut you.
no love,

i don't think of last year's game when i think of arizona/carolina -- i think of the awful, stomach-turning 1996 semifinal game where they humiliated us. the last tournament game i remember crying over. i don't like lute olsen, i have an ex-boyfriend i'm not wild about who's a die-hard arizona fan (arizona has never and will never compare to the programs at carolina, duke, indiana, ucla, thank you, the end), and i just generally find them sort of ... repellant.

19:40: the duke drains a three. if the duke's shot made it to arizona, that's a good thing. a good sign.

18:28: ty lawson drains a three. um. okay. ... can we check for pod people? not that i'm complaining, just, you know, i'd like to know.

16:45 ty lawson, amazing. so quick, so hard-nosed.

deon thompson: secret weapon. having a breakout game. i cannot lie, i squealed when they showed that he was starting.

dear roy,
please stop embarrassing us with your ties at away games.
ritually burning the worst ones in your closet,
onthecontrary: [-o<
minervacat: \o/
minervacat: !!!!!!
onthecontrary: and yet, i do not want him to hurt the foot again
minervacat: TY
onthecontrary: ty IS an emergency
minervacat: no, qt is an emergency
minervacat: for ty, you just call 311
minervacat: the non-emergency number
i hate to see a kid go down like marcus williams went down; it wasn't a foul, but he looked hurt, and, you know, i want to beat them fair and square, with all the talent on the court. he won't be back this game, and that hurts me. he's a good player, and a good kid.

people who are surprising me: deon "secret weapon" thompson; qt; tyler. tyler, of course, in a bad way. come on, baby, score! we need you to score!

second half so far: ugly, ugly. chase budinger is the real deal, and he's tearing us up. CRAP, CRAP, CRAP.

good things that we've done: using the half court offense -- every time that the duke came off a set screen, i make noises that scared the icat; utilizing the freshman -- deon thompson was a revelation; tyler's little FACE in the second half -- oh, the determination on his part; showing that we're deep even down two guys, a starter and a top reserve. it was an ugly game, but it was a good one.

mostly i was just too wasted in the second half to take notes.

the officiating got ... weird in the second half -- lots of strange calls on the tarheels, lots of strange calls NOT made against arizona. on the other hand, the first half was the other way -- so i guess i can't complain? i don't know. i want the officiating to always be amazingly neutral.

that was kind of a whupping, and without a starter and our best defender. AND I WAS WORRIED.
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