on sateda, i was an accountant (minervacat) wrote in sportskitty,
on sateda, i was an accountant

[we are all so drunk.]

onthecontrary: aw, a jesuit fouled out!
minervacat: a sad jeasuit fouled out! ... he has a weak chin, i would not breed with him.

espn: don't go anywhere! we'll be right back!
minervacat: i can't go anywhere, i'm too drunk to stand up.

onthecontrary: that'll be a good tie to run naked through boston in.

rageprufrock: it's his angry part. it's to express his rage.

onthecontrary: money, bobby's going to put dead animals in your bed.

minervacat: marcus didn't bring his dress to boston.
onthecontrary: i think that's a good thing.

rageprufrock: wanda tackled him before he left. she said, if you're gonna run naked through boston, you're gonna do it in a nice tie.

minervacat: our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

minervacat: where are the goats? we gotta sacrifice the goats.
triskellita: i don't have any goats.

darastar: on tuesday, i tried to make a deal with god! i said, god, if carolina wins, I WILL NOT DRINK. god wants me to drink!

minervacat: i swear to god, i'm gonna come pee on you.
rageprufrock: keri and i are gonna hold you down.

minervacat: he can eat waffles off my head anytime.

onthecontrary: because somebody's going to give me a baby, and tyler's gonna take it fishing.

onthecontrary: he shot a rage load in the locker room.

darastar: wow, he's angry and looks vaguely like a caveman.

darastar: ty shared!
rageprufrock: he shared too much.

rageprufrock's roommate j.: oh, those words do not go in a haiku.

doug flutie was at this game. WHERE THE HELL WAS JOHN SHEPPARD?
Tags: 2006-07, basketball:college:carolina
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