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[Last night I was depressed; now I'm just furious.]

I am about to say something blasphemous about the Tar Heels -- please put your fingers in your ears and hum if this bothers you.

Watching the Virginia Tech game last night, I've figured out what's wrong with us. (Although I will also accept the apology from Roy for his poor coaching role in the outcome of the game, because a) ZONE DEFENSE!?!?!! and b) it's not every day that a 500-win coach apologizes to me, personally or generally. Though, Roy, if you would like to apologize personally to me for that hideous tie, I can be reached via email at minervacat AT gmail.com.)

The root of the Heels' problems can be summed up in two words: Ty Lawson.

He was anointed before he even got here -- the next Phil Ford, Raymond Felton in a fullback's body. And he's done some great things, I can't deny that. He's a more explosive scoring power than Felton ever was.

But the thing is, if you got 11 McDonald's All-Americans deep on the bench, you don't need your frakking point guard to score 20 points every frakking game. Lawson doesn't like to pass; he'd rather drive the lane and take a bad shot than pass to an open teammate. He sees the open floor -- he's got no idea how to function in a half-court offense. He's a great point guard -- and he's a spoiled 14-year-old AAU superstar, both in the same body.

He's a kid, and he's playing like a superstar kid right now. Do it all himself. Never look for his teammates.

And for frak's sake, we do go 13 deep on the bench. We have at least six people who are better scoring threats that Lawson is -- why isn't he passing the ball to them? Why didn't Tyler Hansbrough touch the ball in the last 2 minutes of regulation last night? And it's not because Virginia Tech's defense was that good, though I'll give them credit for having played Tyler well. Tyler was open. Lawson was looking to be the hero himself.

Instead, he was the goat.

Here's what I think The Roy should do. (onthecontrary, plug your ears and hum now, you're not going to like this.)

The Roy should start Quentin Thomas. QT is a trainwreck, a turnover-prone third stringer. I don't care. Start him. He's an upperclassman. He's the only true point guard who played on the '05 team that had the drive, the desire to win it all, which this team lacks. QT passes. QT looks for his open teammates. QT takes a shot if it's the only option, not just if it's the first option. That's what I want in a point guard.

Start QT. Bring Bobby off the bench first and let him play long minutes. Let Ty Lawson sit there and learn to play on a goddamned team, instead of this me-against-the-world-ACC mentality he's got going now.

Because we're good enough to win it all this year, but not with him at the point, not the way he's playing right now.

And it makes me really sad to realize that -- he was supposed to be a saviour, and now he's just somebody I'd rather never see on the court.
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