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on sateda, i was an accountant

[duke @ uva reaction]

hot DAMN, kids, that was a hell of a game -- i swear to god, when paulus let that shot go, i thought it was going to go in. i knew it was going to go in. and when it didn't, when the clock ran out, when the uva fans poured onto the court, i think my heart stopped for a minute.

i'm going to repeat something i said last night, in reaction to a blog post that suggested florida would lose during the regular season because they were "bored" in their conference: if you're bored in your frakking conference, kids, you play in a second class, pansy ass conference.

the acc is never boring, and we like it that way. mostly. except when our team loses.

here's something to think on: duke is allowing 59.0 points per game this season, their lowest ever points-allowed-per-game in the history of the program. carolina is averaging nearly 90.0 points (i believe it was 87.9 last night before they dropped 105 on miami) per game this season. when a stifling defense meets a high octane offense -- when the irresistible force meets the immovable object, what do the laws of physics say happens?
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