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["arguably the best transition team in the country ... no, i won't argue that. best transition team

i have a truly retarded love for the fan vids that sports channels make for themselves; sometimes even the fan vids that teams make for themselves. like at the florida state/carolina game, darastar and i discovered that, during halftime, the tarheels' media team had cut together a new fan vid using first half footage for showing right before the second half started. oh, college sports teams, you are so geeky and i love you. (i wrote that before the game, and then right before the second half started? espn showed a fan vid cut together from first half highlights. ♥)

also, god, whenever espn shoots from the floor and there are boys taking jump shots and their jerseys ride up and there are basketball player bellies on display, i get a little verklempt, it's true.

this game is also known as: the rematch for last season's home loss to miami, also notable as the game where i saw a tarheel fan throw a brick through a car window after the game. the circumstances of said brick throwing, of course, being that the car belonged to three drunk miami fans driving, at five miles an hour, down the main drag by campus, shrieking and waving a large miami flag out of their sun roof after the game. which, not necessarily exhibiting brains, there, though i was pleased to see a crowd of cops descend on the irate brick thrower immediately afterward and haul him off to ... jail? i don't even know where the police station in chapel hill is.

miami's got a hell of a lot of size inside, and they're moving the zone defense around well; carolina needs a good outside shooting game tonight, if only because eventually some day some team will shut down the guys inside. if the duke and danny and baby daddy could pick it up tonight, i would appreciate it muchly.

miami wants to walk the ball up; roy should let the team settle a few more minutes, and then start pressing. miami can't run with us -- the big guys move okay but not as fast as any of ours, and they're hampered by heavy injuries.

roy's tie looks like somebody barfed on it. i guess he's just embarrassing us in front of people who already love him?

espn just showed wes and bobby sitting together on the bench, and i made a noise only audible to dogs. uh.

this team is just so damn fast -- i mean, i know they don't even run as much as roy would like them to, and i'm still amazed by how fast they can all get down the court.

tyler and brandan are getting killed inside, and it seems so typical of miami basketball. they're getting grabbed all to hell, and the refs are calling some of it but not nearly enough.


ahhhh, my first technical foul of the year. frank, you're not allowed to say that kind of shit on tv, i'm just sayin'. i LOVE technical fouls -- when they are assessed against the other team.

yeah, we're up 17 at halftime -- and i hope roy's in the locker room reaming the whole damn team out, because they've played sloppy, they've played inconsistently, and by rights we should have out-played miami by 30 points in that half. step it up, boys, florida won't roll over and show you their bellies in the final four just because your asses say carolina on them.

(worth noting: five reasons carolina won't win the national title this year is a fairly factually accurate assessment of the team at this morning's point in time; however, bobby frasor has returned to the court tonight, wayne ellington has shot well from outside, and vanderbilt is leading florida tonight, plus i think that the writer, while getting the facts right, gets the applications completely wrong. thankfully, a bunch of people in the comments smack his ass down, to hilarious result.

and i say to this blog: if florida loses some regular season games because they're bored, well, you know -- what the frak kind of pansy-ass league are they playing in? you lose in the acc, you lose because you got out-played by your opponent. there's no such frakking thing as boredom in the acc.)

brandan wright keeps missing free throws and remains ON FRAKING NOTICE UNTIL FURTHER BULLETINS.

why does wes miller always end up guarding people who are six inches taller than him? oh, right, because EVERYONE IS SIX INCHES TALLER THAN HIM.

wes making three pointers; ty lawson blowing bubbles with his gum on the bench; money taking baby daddy to visit money's own daddy in jail; psycho t and his bff roommate bobby; the duke's sly little smile; underappreciated marcus ginyard in a dress; deon and alec, who would start anywhere else; quentin, who prompts ims from keri that say "QT POD PERSON Y/N?" when he has 6 assists. i just -- there are no words to verbalize how desperately and deeply i adore this team. i love them on the court, all sleek grace and alley-oops and ty lawson's pull-up three, and i love them off the court, because they're funny and charming and they clearly adore each other, all of them, and there's not been a single minute of anger or frustration because someone's playing more than someone else. this team has surpassed the '93 title team (which included george lynch, who is still probably my all-time favorite carolina player ever) and the '05 team (because, oh, oh, MELVIN SCOTT and SEAN MAY and ROY FINALLY WINNING) and last year's team (oh, the HEART of last year's team) as my all-time favorite team.

when this team plays its final game this year, i'm going to cry, i can't lie. because this team will lose baby daddy and wes, and they'll never be the same as they are this year, when the personnel has combined to bring together a team i cannot stop loving.

i even mostly love them just platonically. except for wes miller, who i would like to bang marry make teeny dark-haired babies with bang, marry, and make teeny dark-haired babies with.

frank haith just got a second t, and has just been tossed; i feel for him, i honestly do, and i appreciate what he was doing for his players, there -- it's a morale thing, a i care about you guys thing. he's got an undermanned, losing team, playing in a hostile environment, full of fans (and players) who remember miami beating us at home last season, against a coach who didn't want miami in the league to begin with (and, granted, it wasn't just the roy -- gary williams and coach k were VERY against the acc expansion, as well, and matt doherty pre-firing wasn't wild about the notion, either). it is a shitty, shitty situation for miami, and i hurt for them in this situation, which is a really weird feeling for me.

they just showed alec stepheson talking to dean smith, filmed earlier today, and i made the only-dogs-can-hear-it noise again. it was just so adorable. (and then wes flung himself out of bounds, and i made the noise AGAIN. OH WES.)

len elmore: "surry wood, number 24. one of the great names in college basketball. sounds like a beatles song, don't you think?"

when dewey burke made that three pointer and the place when crazy, i squealed, and then when they showed dewey grinning at the other end of the court -- OH, BOYS. just, that's all. OH, BOYS.

carolina didn't play very well tonight -- i mean, they had a lot of assists; and qt had an excellent game which makes me terrible happy; bobby is back on the court which is important; wes made a few shots which is good because he's been off a lot lately; they ran the hell out of the ball; tyler had a great game. this team wants to win so damn badly; i love that. but there was some slop, and some bad shots, and some bad passes, and some things you can't do against duke that you could maybe do against miami.

the roy will be able to pick apart this game, and that's a damn good thing, because it just means that this team is going to keep getting better. hot DAMN, this team.
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