on sateda, i was an accountant (minervacat) wrote in sportskitty,
on sateda, i was an accountant

[carolina/maryland women: best game of the season men's or women's y/n?]

the #1 duke, #2 north carolina and #3 maryland women's basketball teams are 61-1 combined this season -- the lone loss belongs to maryland, suffered at the hands of duke.

... i suspect that any one of those teams could probably beat the wake forest men's team.

brenda frese needs to touch up her dye job, because her roots are showing; surprisingly, this poor dye job does not make her any less hot.
Tags: 2006-07, basketball:college:acc
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she's showing AN INCH of roots, ash! my inner southern belle shudders at the sight, and yet, brenda is still totally smokin'. inexplicable.

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my remote is out of batteries so i can't switch between the games, but, man, if mcclure went down, that's ... not good news for you guys. man, i'm sorry about that. :(

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ahhhh, brenda just got a T. she is PISSED OFF. she just called one of the referees a REALLY BAD NAME, and she's still jawing. MAN.

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this has turned into a GAME, man -- carolina can't buy a basket, and maryland can't miss.