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[if they're storming the court when they beat you, that means that they don't beat you very often.]

ahhhhh, sucks to be boston college.

dear len elmore:
never say prognosticator again. seriously. i will cut you.
no kisses, min

the bad-word watch: the roy has said his first bad word. it appeared to be crap.

if we can't break the press, i shall punch faces the next time i see people on campus, i swear to god. i know where these dudes live and go to class, I WILL GET THE HAIR KNIVES OUT.

i, of course, have residual clemson issues -- as in, i have residual rick barnes issues, as do all carolina fans, as no one else has ever pissed dean smith off quite like barnes -- and i like oliver purnell, i do. he's a tremendous young coach, and he's done good things with his teams at clemson, but the thing is -- i always thought that it was barnes who coached his players to be thugs, and these days, i just think it's something about the clemson orange and the way clemson feels like second class citizens in the acc. because oliver purnell doesn't coach thugs -- he's nominally in the carolina tree; he learned under larry brown, in a lot of ways -- but this clemson team is still a bunch of fucking thugs.

my favorite rick barnes story: when barnes was at providence, he would find out who the local small-time coaches -- division two coaches, smaller division one coaches -- were recruiting, and he would start recruiting those players, with no intention of ever signing them, not that the players could play in the big east, but just to give the players swelled heads and fuck the small-time coaches, who would have no chance if the kids thought they could go to providence -- which they couldn't, but barnes wouldn't tell them that. CLASSY, HUH?

onthecontrary: however, when they mixed up wes and bobby and THEN showed dewey, i busted up.
minervacat: they're all white boys, its hard to tell them apart!

dean thompson: secretly the most impressive freshman on the team. everyone knew ty and the duke and brandan were going to be awes, but deon has been steady and surprising all season. he'd start anywhere else in the nation.

my future baby daddy is so fucking pretty it hurts my girl parts.

from tarheel blue's game guide: Carolina, after a disastrous 16-of-29 (55.2%) performance at Virginia Tech, has fallen to seventh in the league in free-throw shooting at 68.8%.
TEAMS THAT DON'T MAKE FREE THROWS DON'T WIN GAMES. i'mma tattoo that on brandan wright's forehead. and to think i had come up with a nickname for him and EVERYTHING. (roy seems to disagree, and i think the roy is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG. about the only time you'll ever hear me say that about the roy.)

keri, the game guide is also worth reading for three lovely paragraphs about my future ex-boyfriend. If there is any player more determined than Wes Miller, you'd be hard-pressed to find him, because he is likely toiling in a similar situation to Miller: benched in favor of more talented counterparts. HARTS.

okay, that espn basketball commercial was hilarious: "will they have toasters?" "... no." "okay, then just mind the quiet hours." YEAH, SEE, NOBODY WANTS THE CYLONS. though anders could play for the heels any time he wanted to.

dear espn:
we dislike speaking of those years when matt doherty was coaching; not because of anything he did, but because they are rife with pain, poor behavior on our part towards a member of our family, and shitty defense. stop reminding us.
no love, min

"It was not a pleasant practice today. I was about as mean as I could possibly be. We've got guys crawling into practice; we've got guys throwing up everywhere, so it was a good day for me today." -Roy Williams on Monday's practice
the roy's quotes at the end of the game guide are always my favorite part. OH ROY.

clemson's just sort of crumbled -- they're not as deep as we are, and they did spend some time in the second half hurting from foul trouble, but it's not like we were spectacular tonight. except for wes, who got a ton of love from doris burke and len elmore. good on them for recognizing class acts when they see them.

either way -- we weren't great, but we were solid, at least. we played consistently. that's important. the shooting will come -- the consistency needs to be here now.
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