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an open letter to the university of north carolina tar heels

thank you, boys, for such a wonderful year. thank you for surprising me, and delighting me, and being so amazing all year. thank you for beating duke, twice, and for all the immaculate comebacks, and even for the losses. thank you for the alley-oops to brandan, and the deep three pointers from the duke, and ty's amazing crossover dribble for the drive and the layup. thank you for the biscuits, and the blowouts, and the way the crowd in the dean dome sounds when you're up 2 or you're up 20.

and thank you, warren weston miller and reyshawn terry and dewey "biscuits" burke, for being such wonderful seniors, seniors like i haven't loved a senior since i loved george lynch when i was 13 years old. thank you for playing hard even as your minutes went down, and for playing hard even when you were sick, and for playing hard even when you spent most of the game on the bench. thank you, warren, for giving me a player to love like i love you, for your work ethic and your three point shot and your tiny, tiny height.

thank you, tar heels. thank you for giving me a team that i could love beyond belief this year. thank you for the joy, and thank you for the heartbreak -- a heart doesn't break like this unless you really love. this season was a hell of a ride, and since i can't drop the three ball from the outside, i can't say anything but thanks for everything.

next year's gonna be great.
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