on sateda, i was an accountant (minervacat) wrote in sportskitty,
on sateda, i was an accountant

[yeah, so. did stanford deserve this bid? the answer is categorically no.]

so, stanford, last team into the field, 18-12, worst record in the tournament (even arkansas won 21 games; stanford is the only team with fewer than 20 wins), lost in the first round of the pac-10 tournament, totally unimpressive resume: currently down by 26 to louisville at halftime.

somewhere out there, i can think of (at least) five teams (let's start with syracuse & drexel, move on to air force & florida state, wrap-up with clemson) who are sitting in their hotel rooms, waiting to play their nit games, and being really fucking pissed-off right now. (or not drexel, who lost to nc state in the first round. they're sitting at home being really fucking pissed-off.)

and i can't say i blame them. (even people who get PAID to write about this shit agree with me!)

ETA: THAT'S IT, BOBBY KNIGHT, NO MORE TRUSTING YOU EVER. YOU GOT THAT? on the other hand: why on EARTH did i pick texas tech to beat georgetown in the second round? grad school makes me crazy.
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