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on sateda, i was an accountant

[i emailed this to keri, but i forgot to share it with you guys.]

The Maternal Unit had the best line of the year about University of Florida coach Billy Donovan the other night. She said, "Putting Billy Donovan in a suit and letting him coach college basketball is like putting a tuxedo on a corn cob and inviting it to the Inaugural Ball."

This is why the Material Unit, as infuriating as she sometimes is, is totally my favorite. Also she spawned me, so I owe her.

In other ACC tournament news:

So far in the ACC tournament we've got: one bizarre collapse (Maryland); one bizarre call (the foul on Clemson at the end of their game); one really, really ugly coat (Sidney Lowe); one overtime game (Duke/State). It don't get better than this, kids. MAN. *thumbs up*

ESPN is comparing tournament bids to airline tickets or something? Apparently, Carolina is flying first class, VaTech, UVA and BC are flying business, Duke and Georgia Tech are flying coach, Florida State is on stand-by, and Clemson is stuck at security. I don't know. I just report what they tell me.

I was going to ask if Rick Pitino was the biggest douche in the NCAAs, but then I remembered we already have a consensus on that.
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